Sultan Kudarat State University
Province of Sultan Kudarat, 9800, City of Tacurong, Philippines

Sultan Kudarat State University

A trailblazer in arts, science and technology in the region.

University Vision

University Mission

The University shall primarily provide advanced instruction and professional training in science and technology, agriculture, fisheries, education and other relevant fields of study. It shall also undertake research and extension services and provide progressive leadership in its areas of specialization.


To produce graduates with excellence and dignity in arts, science and technology.


  1. Enhance competency development, commitment, professionalism, unity and true spirit of service for public accountability, transparency and delivery of quality services;
  2. Provide relevant programs and professional trainings that will respond to the development needs of the region;
  3. Strengthen local and international collaborations and partnerships for borderless programs;
  4. Develop a research culture among faculty and students;
  5. Develop and promote environmentally-sound and market-driven knowledge and technology at par with international standards;
  6. Promote research-based information and technologies for sustainable development;
  7. Enhance resource generation and mobilization to sustain financial viability of the university; and
  8. Strengthen organizational culture, anchored on professionalism, cooperation, unity and true spirit of service for public accountability, transparency and quality delivery of services.